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Hurricane Michael Help Richard Weaver Family GoFundME ViralExposure.co Campaign

Panama City, FL – January 22, 2019 – I am a cold piece of concrete  that needs a warm home to finish what was started. My family lives in Southport, Florida. I don’t see them much anymore since Hurricane Michael.

I really would like them to finish what they started but they can not due to “banks”. They won’t allow them to get a loan to finish “because they already started construction”. Even though everything done is up to code and has a G.C., and  been inspected by Building Department.

My owner is honest, hard working, with an excellent credit score (over 800),  but this does not matter to “banks”. Trying to save money by doing it yourself and build something (dream) for your family is not easy. Hurricane Michael made it worse. These funds would finish a house for a family of four. My goal was to be finished with the home by summer of 2019.

Although, I did not count on a Hurricane in my goal. Now that is CRUSHED, and I ask for help from you. I would be so grateful, if this would be accomplished, words can not describe, how I would feel. The stress of a Hurricane was terrible for my family.

Trying to move on and give them a home with all failure is very depressing, with no one to turn to. We have been working on this home/land almost 10 years, and its almost like its been erased. All I need is to finish a home and a dream comes true. Take this foundation and make it home for a loving family in need.

For My Family…My Girls…Much Love…and Thank You…


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