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I’m Going to Lose my House GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

I'm Going to Lose my House GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

I am $17000 in arrears to property taxes. I am permanently disabled and live on an income of 1100 per month which of course barely pays to keep the hydro and heat on.

I bought this house when I was 19 all by myself, no help from mommy or daddy since they drank and spiked all their income away.

I have fought my entire life. I fought to get out of my violent childhood, I fought to get out of the relationship that ultimately ruined me. So many bruises, broken bones, head injuries and a skull fracture.

My ex has never paid support which would have paid taxes and upkeep.  I was threatened with death if I went after him for child support even after he signed a separation agreement for child support.   He is a dangerous, dangerous man who has spent time in jail for spousal abuse.   I chose not to pursue him financially because  I am still terrified of him.  There were many, many injuries.

Due to several head injuries including a skull fracture, body injuries and severe emotional disturbance that will keep me in the care of a psychiatrist for the remainder of my days I am unable to work. I am physically in horrific amounts of pain all day every day and most days due to my psychiatric problems  I am unable to go outside.   I am on a fixed income which does not allow for things like property taxes or roofs or doors or ovens or couches or things like that.  I’m in desperate need of help or believe me I would not be asking.

I just do not know what else to do.  anything will help. Anything.  5 dollars is 5 dollars I can put on my taxes.  every dime I put on the taxes shows I am at least trying to pay.  Thanks for reading and I would appreciate the help

I am terrified of people and severely agoraphobic. My doctor says I am to physically and mentally damaged to work. So did the doctor I got as a second opinion. I can’t lose this house it is all I have. Please help me.

I have helped people my entire life, now I need help. I don’t have furniture, I don’t have a stove, my front door doesn’t close I have to block it with a chair. I am in a word, sinking.


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