Pitot F16 watch prototype IndieGoGo CrowdFundingExposure.com Campaign

Let me introduce the F16 fighting falcon inspired watch, that honor the plane and all the people that keep the plane safe, on its wings day and night.

The watch case is made in brushed Titanium grade 5 alloy, same material that’s used in the aviation industry.

My name is Thomas and I’m a former aircraft mechanic in the Danish Airforce and the civil aviation industry.

Together with a freelance designer, that also love watches and airplanes, and another product developer, we been working on this watch the last nine months because we love watches and airplanes, and we really want to make a special watch for watch lovers and all the people involved around the F16, whether you are a pilot, aircraft mechanic, fuel service staff, ammunition team, office administration – all the people that would want a piece of memory for their time in service working with the F16.

We have developed the watch and designed 2D sketches, 3D parts, 3D print models and 3D video and are now ready to order the prototype that we are going to use for the main crowdfunding campaign of 300 pcs.

We have a manufacturer partner to produce the prototype and we need your help to fund the prototype.

In return of your help, we gonna offer a huge discount on the first 40 watches, 86% discount of expected retail price $1133 – so you can get this amazing watch for only $150 if you are really fast.

We dont ask much for putting the prototype into production, we need to reach $6000 in fundings, that will cover the prototype moulds and manufacture of one piece watch.

For that amount we offer 40 F16 watches with a huge discount of 86% if you help to get this watch into production.



For more info: http://https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pitot-f16-watch-prototype#/