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Introducing PDF Color Conversion at Scale with New API Tool from pdfRest

pdfRest Launches Convert PDF Colors API Tool to Support Streamlined Color Management in Document Workflows and Applications

Chicago, Illinois Jun 21, 2024 ( – pdfRest, a leading innovator in document technology solutions, today announced the launch of Convert PDF Colors, a revolutionary REST API tool that empowers developers to achieve unmatched control over document color profiles within their workflows.

Precise Color Management Made Simple

pdfRest Convert PDF Colors unlocks a new level of precision in document color conversion, ensuring consistent and accurate color output across various use cases:

Expansive Preset Library: Boost efficiency with pre-configured profiles optimized for various use cases. Choose from printing presets (acrobat5-cmyk, acrobat9-cmyk) for high-quality output, screen viewing presets (srgb, monitor-rgb) for vibrant displays, web publishing presets (color-match-rgb) for consistent colors across platforms, and grayscale presets (gamma-18, gamma-22, dot-gain-10 to dot-gain-30) for optimal file size and clarity.

Custom ICC Profile Support: Upload custom ICC profiles to guarantee color consistency with specific printing presses, design software, or brand guidelines. This meticulous level of control ensures color fidelity in any scenario.

Source-Agnostic Conversion: Eliminate compatibility headaches. pdfRest seamlessly converts PDFs from any source color space (RGB, CMYK, LAB, etc.) to your desired target profile. This flexibility ensures consistent color output regardless of the original color format.

Enhanced Developer Workflows

pdfRest Convert PDF Colors allows developers to easily send conversion requests with desired color profiles, eliminating the need for complex software installations or configurations. The user-friendly REST API integrates smoothly with existing development environments empowering developers to quickly incorporate color conversion functionalities into their workflows.

Get Started Today!

Visit pdfRest to activate your free trial and start converting PDF colors. This trial grants access to all pdfRest API Tools, allowing you to explore the full potential of the platform.

About pdfRest

pdfRest is a leading provider of PDF technology solutions that enhance the creation, editing, manipulation, and distribution of digital content. Developers and businesses worldwide rely on pdfRest to power their document-processing workflows and applications.

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