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What is Cross Roads? Cross Roads is set to be an urban fantasy/science fiction web novel that consists the theme of “magical girls”. This is inspired by many anime shows like Sailor Moon. The whole entire trope of the magical girl will not be focused like any other type of cartoon show that consists of them.

However, this is a deconstruction of this particular theme. What makes them popular and what makes them important in their own life. Pretty much, I will not be focusing on the glitz and glamour of a magical girl/superhero, but more behind the scenes and how it effects the people around them.

What ill the story and plot entail?
There will be times where they will face super villains. Even then, those kinds of tropes will be deconstructed. Many magical girl/superheroine cartoon shows rely on clichés. Cross Roads will be stripped bare of all of them. Cross Roads will be the trade as something as gritty and realistic.

Where will the story take place?
It will be set in the present day with an alternate timeline. Since I’m dealing with the alternate timeline, I have a lot of freedom. Well of course I have freedom because as an alternate timeline, that’s what you would probably say.

Will it this story be for everyone or for mature audiences?
The Cross Roads Series will be for mature audiences.It will have adult themes like war and how it will affect us.Violence scenes that will be blunt and in detail. It will also contain strong sexual content in both a positive and a negative on how story plot goes. However, it will not be gratuitous to the degree that I have to write about it all the time.I stress this a lot: if it calls for it, I will do it and not shy away from because of my beliefs.

Why Wattpad and will be free to read?
Wattpad is a place where you can read novels of up and coming authors.And its free to join and the Cross Roads series will be free to read.

Why Should I support You?
Good question!I will help me get better art, marketing and editors when I publish the novels worldwide.


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