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JJ is suffering from delayed radiation complications,  currently there is no medical treatments to reverse radiation damage to his brain and spinal cord. We as a family, are just trying to provide the best possible care and support for JJ.Jeremiah J Harutyunyan – As known as JJ.  At age nine he underwent surgery in December 2016 to remove a brain tumor. He was then treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy. About nine months later, JJ was diagnosed with (radiation necrosis) damage caused by radiation to his brain and spinal cord. Currently he does not feel or have any sensation below his neck.  He is unable to breathe on his own requiring a tracheostomy and a machine called Ventilator to assist him.  JJ is also fed through a nasogastric (NG) tube because he is unable to swallow.  We are very grateful for what we have, our baby needs special care and attention with his ongoing medical condition.  Due to the fact he is quadriplegic, as of now his only form of transportation is by gurney and requires an ambulance which is granted for medical purposes only.  We would like to utilize these funds for a pressure-controlled mattress, hospital bed and a transportation van. Currently, we have no source of available transportation for him other than utilizing an ambulance. We want JJ to resume living and enjoying his life with his family and are hoping with your help we can.

**Thank you very much for your support and donations.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/profile/harutyunyan-ckzy9