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Hi, I’m Michael Philips aka Grey Damien & I’m Disabled living w. disabilities on Social Security Disability benefits going on 10 yrs, now. About 12 yrs ago I’d suffered a horrific accident in which I’d broken my neck, badly damaged my back & lost total sight in my left eye. Since then…

I’ve recovered between 95% – 97% of my physical abilities, but unfortunately this doesn’t allow Me to work outside the home. At present, I only have my SSA Disability benefits to rely on for daily living etc. This doesn’t leave much left over to put towards tuition fees, school expenses, transportation cost etc.

My life-long dream is to be an Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, Producer etc. In order to realize this all encompassing ambitious dream & bring it to fruition & make it a reality, I need financial charity from kindhearted & generous souls such as yourselves.

The school, that I’m looking to attend starting this Summer Semester 2019 is named:

The Conservatory Studio Theatre @
1501 14th St. N. W. Washington, DC
Phone: 2022320714
em: conservatory@studiotheatre.org

I plan to enroll in the 3 yr. Acting program engaging in 12 – 15 hrs per wk class curriculum. I calculated a rough estimate of about btwn $15,000 – $25,000 needed for tuition fees, school expenses, transportation costs etc. for the 3 yr. Acting program.

Your donations & contributions are greatly appreciated! Thanks, M. Philips aka Grey Damien

PS. I use given name on my gofundme acct. – Michael Philips


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/7030bu8

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