Jockey Sidney Underwood Needs Help! FREE GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Former Jockey Sidney Underwood needs our help! Lets help Sid get the bathroom built that she needs to remain healthy!

Sidney needs our help although I don’t think she would ever ask for it! A race riding accident in 1992 at Atlantic City Race Track caused paralysis from the chest down. No matter what obstacles she has faced, she seems to always remain positive and finds a solution. She has been putting her current need aside for quite sometime to pay for unforseen expenses and obligations. This has been impacting her health and making her daily routines a struggle. Would you join me in giving her a hand?

Sidney’s home is 100+ year old farm house that is in need of updating but more importantly needs some immediate remodeling to allow wheelchair access to the bathroom. Sid has struggled to meet her needs in a bathroom that her wheelchair just about fits in. The biggest issue is that there is a regular tub in her home. Sid needs a barrier free shower and separate therapy tub.

Sidney had an accident 2 years ago and broke her leg just above the knee. It has never healed. When her leg is bent, it does not bend at the knee joint, it bends at the break. Each time Sid gets into the bath tub it bends and could cause more complications if this continues. Medicare refuses to repair it because she doesn’t use it. If there is further injury to it, the only solution would be to remove the leg. We are not going to let that happen!

Not only will this bathroom benefit Sidney, it will eliminate the problem of not having facilities for the visitors to the farm. The new handicap restroom facilities will allow Sid’s vision to expand her riding program for handicap children to come to fruition. Currently, kids with certain limitations are not able to spend time at her farm because of limited access.

Please, help Sid remodel and get a bathroom to meet her needs and keep her healthy. Thank you all in advance for your generocity!

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