Keeping Gavin safe GoFundME Campaign

I’m afraid to say too much because of the reason I need this money I don’t want the man that’s trying to take Gavin from me to find out about this or see it because if he finds out he’ll move faster with the money and help he already has and I’m afraid I won’t have the help I need in time, so if u need additional information please feel free to message me. Basically I need money for a lawyer and another company in order to keep my son happy and safe with me. Gavin is a one year old happy boy that needs to stay with his mother for his own happiness and safety. I can’t afford the two people I need to help me without your help, I desperately need these two people to help keep Gavin safe with me. Gavin belongs with me in an environment that is good for him that is full of love, happiness, and more. He does not deserve to end up in an environment where people constantly drink alcohol and do other things that a child shouldn’t have to be around. Please help me make sure Gavin stays with me so I can give him the love and life he deserves. Please help me give Gavin a life full of love and happiness.

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