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Kids Flight ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

1. Who will benefit:
a. Children ages 9-14
*learning how flight works;
*learning how this is applicable to flying a drone;
*learning how to work as a team under the care and management of a vetted mentor-aligning a parent or adult friend to work with each child involved with their training and application of the above mentioned activities;
*learning how to act in a competition toward the competition

b. Parents and children working together;

c. The Community as donors, mentors, managers;

d. Expectation will be that this activity will grow statewide, possibly nationwide;

2. What the funds will be used for:

a. Purchase of the first package of drones, (Note, at present there are already 62 children excited to be a part of this activity);
b. Establish any legal, insurance and logistics required for this activity;
c. Rental for office, storage for drones and ancillary items related to this activity;
d. Training room;
e. Transportation expenses for team competition;
f. Field competition preparation and maintenance.

3. Timing for receipt of funds: The anticipated timeline for receipt of funds is as follows;
a. The initial receipt of funds would be to establish the organization, contract the property where this activity will be performed;
b. Complete any and all legal, and insurance;
c. Initiate the training for adults, mentors and managers;
d. Initiate the initial group of drones;
e. Establish a document which speaks to the Rules, Training and the actual training;
f. The anticipated date for the first $8,000 would be February 1, 2020. This is really the most important financial portion for this activity due to the amount of preparation to be completed prior to the advent of Spring.
g. The final amount of funding would hopefully be within the month of March 2020.

The amount of excitement by the children that have become aware of this sport is overwhelming. The parents are almost as excited, especially due to the fact that if provides are great way for parents, mentors, to work together with these children in a common goal, both from a teaching perspective and hands-on activity.

Though the initial management will be very grateful for any and all gifts provided for this, the children (though not verbally spoken) are very much thankful for this opportunity and to you for providing this opportunity. You will be invited to watch and/or hear about the progress via you-tube, personal cards/notes and transmittals from the office.

Our vision is for this to be a growing activity with ambitions to be a nationwide activity. We invite you to be a part of this very special opportunity!

Thank you very much!!!

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/f/dq72th-drones-for-kids

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