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Church Pastor – Replace Stolen Car

Our pastor’s car was stolen while he was at work. He works full time at our church and full time at another job because unfortunately, our church cannot afford to pay him a full time salary. His car had liability insurance only on it so unfortunately, they will not pay anything to replace it.

His wife had a heart attack due to a medical condition so they already pay a lot towards medical expenses also. He and his wife are so selfless and put so much work into running a church and helping the community in addition to his job and their family.

I am not trying to buy him a BMW,  and I know money is tight for most people, so I am just asking if each person who sees this can please open their heart and share just $5 and share this on their facebook, we will be able to get him a functional car so he can get to work everyday to support his family.

I am hoping to surprise them with this PLEASE, will you help and be a blessing???


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/new-car-church-pastor

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