Justice for Michael Morris

Hello my name is Ian Adams I am raising money on behalf of my friend Michael Morris. Michael has a mental disability that he was diagnosed with as a young child.He his  living situation is very dire. The one bedroom apartment that he has rented for five years has no bedroom because it is stripped bare and covered with mold and mildew.

Five years ago there was a leak in wall of the bedroom when he first moved in  the carpet became saturated. The landlord who knew about the leak and was contacted several times that year left the carpet wet for that first year  without doing anything. Then they came and pulled  the carpet out and left the room saturated and covered in mold for the next Four years to present day.

She was contacted over this problem dozens of times about the mold and carpet and has even been in the apt several times and still has not done anything. Michael sleeps on the floor in the living room on the air mattress because he doesn’t have a bedroom. Two months ago when I went and visited Michael. I I sat down on the air mattress and my butt actually got wet from the floor soaking up through the mattress and that’s when I had enough .

I have called all types of attorneys and nobody wants to help him. I called the organization that receives his Social Security and informed the woman that his money has been being used unlawfully to to pay for a one-bedroom apartment that doesn’t even have a bedroom she did nothing to help me when I called and acted like she didn’t even care about this neglect of a of a good man that has a mental disability. She was also notified several times over the past five years and still has done nothing about the issue. So I called the landlord again she was very rude when I demanded that the carpet be replaced and that he’s being taken advantage of. She proceeded to tell me how she is allowed Michael to live here. I said he has been paying you to live here.

And then she said if Michael don’t like the accommodations  we have given him he could just leave. Then she proceeded to tell me how she is helped Michael over the years dropped him off cleaning supplies and then I said what so you wanted my friend who has a mental disability to clean up the mold. Michael said she never dropped off cleaning supplies it was a lie. Then I said to her Michael said you were in his apartment 3 months ago fixing the stove and you seen the room in the mold then why didn’t you do anything and she says he don’t even use the bedroom anyhow so what does it matter. so with all this going on and to top it off Michael gets a letter saying that is social security is going to be cut off because he was working over the allowed hours.

Which he had no idea he was working over the amount because no one from the organization that is supposed to look after him and take care of his finances informed him of this important information. This is a very difficult situation and it breaks my heart the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen as a human being being treated without common decency and and respect a basic Humanity.

Michael is an awesome man he’s a Christian he loves God he’s kind to everybody he meets he doesn’t deserve this and it seems like help is so impossible now but I will not give up till Michael is okay and I’m asking anyone that’s reading this to please help contribute to  relocate Michael and possibly raise some money to pursue legal action against the company that has neglected him and the landlord. Thank you for your time and consideration to help us please continue to pray for Michael even if you can’t contribute because nobody deserves to be treated like this especially somebody with mental illness like Michael.

He deserves fundamental human rights like being. He should not have to live in a situation like that he is told me that he believes the mold has made him feel sick. This truly breaks my heart and if you know Michael would break yours too.

Please help us anybody Michael has has been getting just ice instead of Justice so please Unite with us and help to get Justice for Michael Morris thank you and God bless you


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/justice-for-michael-morris