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Krebs besiegen – defeat cancer GoFundME ViralExposure.Co Campaign

Dear donors,we ask you for support ! Who needs a support ? Maxim is 12 year old and is from the Ukraine.

Why does he need a support ? Because he suffers from cancer. He gets now a chemotherapy in the clinic of Helios in Krefeld/Germany. The therapy costs 100.000,- €.

Why somebody can’t help him in his homeland: because his diagnosis is a sarcoma, what is not known in the Ukraine (see documents – only in german).

Why his parents don’t can pay the therapy: because his father has an month income round about 300 US Dollar for the whole family consist of 4 persons. His mother can’t work, because she is to accompany Maxim while the therapy.

Does he get a financial help otherwise: yes, many volunteers from Germany and the Ukraine, german foundation “Heart for children”, Greek Orthodox Church in Krefeld/Germany make a contribution, but the money is not enough to pay the whole therapy.

Please contribute how much you can.

All photos and videos were given us by the mother of Maxim and are published with her agreement.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/krebs-besiegen-defeat-cancer

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