The '22 Primary Elections Civil Rights Lobbying & Advocating Social equity for Minority, Military Veteran Disabled Criminal Defendants Every Vote Counts

Law Office Lobbying Disabled Voter Rights Movement for 2022 Primary Elections

LUBBOCK, TEXAS – January 25, 2022 (EMWNews) – The ’22 primary elections are right around the corner for most U.S. states within the next three months. A law office known for civil rights lobbying and advocating for social equity for minority, military veteran, and disabled criminal defendants in the justice system brings back to the table the Every Vote Counts (Movement) that began in 2014; this time applying a compilation of poll watchers, ombudsmen support, and journalists with law degrees to the war room, with an arsenal of vexed inquiries on the almost-forgotten, ‘Hey Man, Where’s My Ballot & Registration‘ (“10508 Citizens”) Litigation on civil rights deprivation of disabled voter rights, filed and served on then-executive branch heavies on ‘The Hill,’ last September, right before the General Election (

Robert Peterson & Fields Associates PC (est. 2005) will move into the New Year with its post-COVID 19 lawsuit clients, in addition to an expanded cooperative with foreign law firms. The firm anticipates that the new global alliances will broaden the support provided to election observers of U.N. member states in West Africa, Latin America, and the South Pacific, all holding major elections throughout the 2022 Year.

2020 was a busy year for RPFA despite its co-founder being temporarily jailed as a political prisoner for a politically-influenced prosecution as detailed in recent news ( And 2021, continued to show that RPFA was making a point to support criminal cases that racial injustice plagued the public interest on concerns on whether men of color were wrongfully prosecuted (

In addition, once again, these solicitors will aim to uphold public integrity standards by returning to focus on Nigerian-U.S. fraud prevention, as they began doing in 2017 ( – this time a bilateral partnership with intergovernmental organizations to unveil the whereabouts of billions of dollars that were inexplicably stolen from several state-regulated unemployment benefits agencies in the U.S. in the height of the COVID pandemic economic meltdown, causing several millions of Americans to go several months without receiving a single unemployment payment at their greatest time of need.

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