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Cary Lee Peterson: Lobbying King Hates Corporate PACS Super Pac Man

The '22 Primary Elections Civil Rights Lobbying & Advocating Social equity for Minority, Military Veteran Disabled Criminal Defendants Every Vote Counts EMWNews.com

District of Columbia / February 15, 2022 / (EMWNews) Breaking News Related News: Michigan joins fight against human traffickinghttps://www.truckinsurancenitic.com/company-news/332-michigan-joins-fight-against-human-trafficking.html U.S. Third Circuit Judicial Branch Exposed on Systemic Injustice: Court Clerk ‘Slip Up’ Concedes ‘Mix-Up’ in 2 (Black) Political Figure Prosecutions – Robert Peterson & Fields Associateshttps://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/u-third-circuit-judicial-branch-120700598.html Cary Lee Peterson – U.S. Congress (LDA)https://lobbyingdisclosure.house.gov/lookup.asp?reg_id=42916 Confession Email on Court Record Unveils Seattle ...

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