Leap of Faith for my Education GoFundMe Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I’m a 19 year old that’s just trying to pursue his dreams & goals & make them my reality. I didnt go to college because I seen it as an investment that didn’t guaranteed enough return compared to the amount of risk there is being taken. Because I’m not just investing money but also time and effort, to not be guaranteed a career somewhere once I was out.
I just happen to have more of an entrepreneur type of mindset without coming from successful enterperneur background which is why I’m here getting out of my comfort zone doing something I never imagined I’d do because I was against it.. which is asking for money from people that worked hard to get their own, some that even made something out of NOTHING literally. Just so I could get up on my feet or pursue my goals.. But throughout time I’ve came to realize that part of the journey to success is being humble. Humble enough to accept and understand that asking or reaching out to a hand for help is sometimes all we need to get us to the next level or floor to keep on with our journey.

So here I am. I’m currently on a 3 day real estate/ financial seminar by Than Merrill’s Fortune Builders stationed in San Diego that came out to Orlando FL, to give information on real estate, finances and their program to which they do an interview process to qualify people to be accepted into the program.

Because it’s a program or you could say school that is serious and professional that only wants students that are serious, motivated and out going but most of all people that take action.

And I was lucky enough to be accepted. Now the only issue is that the Mastery program which they only offer through seminars like this is $50,000 to which I need a $5,000 deposit today July 16, 2017, ( it was really half which is $25,000 but after begging and proving how motivated I am and that I’m not a 19 year old with the typical teen mindset.

I was able to work out the opportunity to make only a $5,000 deposit today and in the next 15 days come up with a way to get the remaining $20,000 so they could put me on a payment plan for the remaining half. The real issue is that I need the $5,000 today..

Because it is their last day here in Orlando and this program is only offered in the seminars since it’s a full on intense training next to the top coaches, mentors, and the owners of the company themselves. I just don’t want to let this opportunity pass by,

I wish I could tell my life story so you could understand what I’ve been through and understand why I say that my time is NOW and not later.

Because no one is guaranteed tomorrow, and maybe this opportunity might never present itself again.

So I appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart, even if you just took the time to read through all of this. Any donation counts.

Thank you and God bless.

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