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Learn How Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Remote Service Support Boosts Energy and Operational Efficiency

2008-08-04 08:52:00

Learn How Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Remote Service Support Boosts Energy and Operational Efficiency

    - New Webinar Available from Trane and the Association for Facilities

Engineering -

    PISCATAWAY, N.J., Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- To meet growing demands for

more efficient customer service and to adapt to an evolving workforce, the

air conditioning and heating industry is looking at innovative ways to

streamline equipment support systems.

    Trane Intelligent Service Engineer Paul Wheeler explains how remote

service support for HVAC equipment can improve overall service planning,

technician productivity and customer satisfaction in a new webinar, hosted

by the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE). The webinar is

available for download at

    "As the technology applied to equipment increases in complexity, it is

becoming more critical to provide efficient monitoring and service,"

Wheeler said. "Remote technology enables us to redesign our business

practices to better manage buildings and equipment, and to provide services

at a reduced cost."

    With online communications and controls technology, engineers now can

remotely monitor customers' equipment and more accurately determine if

on-site repairs are needed. Better diagnostics systems also help

technicians determine exactly which tools and repair parts to bring when

they are dispatched for on-site service.

    In addition, remote HVAC monitoring may help solve a challenge in the

industry workforce. In the last several years, the industry has witnessed a

shortage of people in control technology, IT, networking and other systems

applications essential to operating, diagnosing and managing facilities.

The "Monitoring and Remote Facility Systems Analysis" webinar examines how

innovations in remote HVAC monitoring and engineering analysis can help

fill those service needs.

    "Many of the equipment diagnostic services needed to improve

performance don't require a person to physically touch the equipment,"

Wheeler said. "When engineers use remote technology to fix problems without

having to dispatch service technicians, it saves time and money for the

technicians and the customers."

    This type of service also benefits environmental sustainability

efforts. When properly serviced, HVAC technology helps reduce air pollution

and operating costs for the user. Engineers can use remote systems analysis

to monitor customers' indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency.

    "Innovation begins by applying existing technology in new ways,"

Wheeler said. "Remote monitoring and engineering services pave the way for

better customer support through more efficient and sustainable solutions."

    About Paul Wheeler

    Paul Wheeler has worked for Trane for eight years in the areas of

remote analysis, intelligent services and field support for customer

operations. Prior to joining Trane, Paul worked as a plant engineer in the

semiconductor, automotive and electronics manufacturing industries, for

more than 20 years, focusing on implementing new service strategies and

business process improvements in high technology industries.

    About the AFE

    The AFE is an organization that provides education, certification and

other technical information to plant and facility engineers, operators and

maintenance professionals. The AFE's virtual classes provide a one-stop

educational resource for the plant/facilities engineering, operations, and

maintenance professional. Classes are a minimum of 60 minutes in length and

are taught by an experienced representative from the field. In addition,

each course equates to 0.1 CEU or recertification credit for individuals

currently holding AFE credentialing (CPE, CPMM or CPS).

    About Trane

    Trane, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE: IR), provides

systems and services that enhance the quality and comfort of air in homes

and buildings around the world. Through its two premium brands -- Trane and

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning -- the business offers a broad

range of energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning

solutions. Its systems and services comprise dehumidifying and air cleaning

products; aftermarket service and parts support; advanced building

controls; and building and financing solutions, including those that allow

energy-efficient systems to pay for themselves through energy savings.

Trane's systems and services have leading positions in premium commercial,

residential, institutional and industrial markets; a reputation for

reliability, high quality and product innovation; and a powerful

distribution network. The business has 35 plants in 10 countries and more

than 29,000 employees worldwide. For more information, visit;; and

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