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Lend a helping hand GoFundMe by Desperate single mother in need

I decided well I was told to try make a GoFundMe Account/Campaign because it has helped so many fortunate individuals and families in hardship and rough times. I’m not one to show or share my life or ask of anything or any kind, but I need to step out of my comfort zone and try something new because all in all this is to benefit my 7 year old child and myself but mainly him.

I’ve tried so many resources I could find from welfare (financial/food stamps) to catholic churches and charities and salvation army’s. To get some sort of temporary help for needy families. We were denied a lot because we didn’t qualify or meet the requirements which is insane because I am a single mother with two part time jobs (hours for both are under 30 hrs a week). I can honestly say I only make about 400 to 500 a month from both jobs TOGETHER.

I of course have been trying to apply and look for jobs here and there. I can only do so much and recently our car broke down so now were basically having to catch bus, walk or ask for rides. Times have been so rough on us for about 3/4 years now. It’s just us, we don’t have any one that can help us or would offer or want to and its so embarrassing to even ask I must say also. I recently just got out of a domestic violence relationship I was in for about two years. From being beaten, controlled, threaten, abused mentally and physically, almost killed two or three times (too many incidents to count). That totally broke me. And it hurt my son to see that happening to me. I hurt still for letting my son be around that and remember every time he saw me low and down. My son always asking if I was okay when I should be asking him. Me and my son been through so much, I just for myself wanna give my son the life he deserves and for him to be proud of me. To be a great mother and provider.

I have dreams of going back to College & finishing to be a Licensed Registered Nurse but its been put on hold because I financially cant afford it. And after all we been through I have gotten help I see a counselor now and was recently diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and Severe Depression so all that affects me even more every day to do and accomplish things. I wanna just improve and be able to give my son all he deserves and more like any other parent. Its been three years since I could give him a traditional birthday with a cake and presents, we haven’t been able to have any Christmas’s but I’m thankful for family and friends who do give so my son still has something even if I can’t give it to him myself. It’s been two years since I could get him new clothes. and lately kids in school tease him because its old has little rips or his shorts are too high above his knees. The funny things is my son no matter what through all this and makes me so proud to be his mom and so blessed is that he still is such a happy go lucky smart and kind loving child.

Anyways I don’t wanna bore no one but I made a GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN for me and my 7 yr old son to maybe get help for the public/anyone to help us get back on our feet, help us better our life and situation. I know some might think oh find another job or this and that but just understand we all go through rough and hard times and sometimes it really isn’t that easy to do and it’s nice once in a while to help others. So all I ask is for some help or just some positive support. That’s all. And may god bless you all and have a great day facebookers! 🙂

Face book account : Gofundus Fujimoto
CashApp $gofundus808

GoFundMe campaign link :

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