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Literary Agent Showcase Names TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden ‘Writer of the Month’ for His Screenplay ‘Father’s Day Ghost Story(C)’

2008-08-04 07:35:00

Literary Agent Showcase Names TransMedia Group CEO Tom Madden ‘Writer of the Month’ for His Screenplay ‘Father’s Day Ghost Story(C)’

       Screenplay Inspired By Bill Cosby's New Book 'Come On People'

    BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- The Literary Agent Showcase

( has named TransMedia Group's CEO Thomas J.

Madden "Writer of the Month" for August, 2008 for his screenplay "Father's

Day Ghost Story" inspired by Bill Cosby's book "Come On People."

    "I'm greatly appreciative of this most unexpected recognition by the

Literary Agent Showcase, which is used as a resource by some 5,000 literary

agents looking for promising screenplays to turn into motion pictures,"

said Madden, who is hardly a new writer with several books to his credit,

including Spin Man and King of the Condo.

    Madden's firm, TransMedia Group (, is the

largest independent public relations firm in Palm Beach County serving

clients worldwide in many languages. Madden and his wife Angela started the

award-winning firm in New York City after he left NBC, where he was Vice

President, Assistant to the President and chief speech writer for Fred

Silverman, who was then NBC's Chairman and CEO.

    The Literary Agent Showcase describes Madden's screenplay as "a ghostly

tale ... a spooky spoof of modern-day parenting inspired by Bill Cosby's

new book, 'Come On People.' It delves into the growing epidemic of

'fatherlessness' in America, where today single moms are raising far too

many families, leaving children to wonder: 'Where have all the daddies

gone. When will they ever return.'"

    In Madden's satiric sequel to Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," it

takes the ghosts of Fatherhood Past, Present and Future "to show one

self-centered, career-absorbed errant dad the terrible consequences of

neglecting his family in a series of ghostly flashbacks and forwards and

rides through time and space on a far-out contraption called the 'Spa


    After receiving the news, Madden sent an email to all his clients

saying, "Hey gang, it's celebration time! Here's what I do in my spare


    Before going to work at the television networks, including American

Broadcasting Companies, where he was in charge of speechwriting and

publicity, Madden was a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer. He is a

graduate of Temple University and received an M.A. from The Annenberg

School of Communications at University of Pennsylvania.

    For more information, contact Adrienne Mazzone 561-750-9800 x210 or

[email protected].

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