Lyft me up: New car & New Start GoFundME Viral Exposure

My husband, Rob, is a disabled veteran, and Lyft is the perfect job for him. It lets him work his own hours, and take breaks whenever he needs to. Some times the memory intrusions become bad enough that he has difficulty working. Because of PTSD, he hasn’t been able to hold a traditional 9-5 job, but with Lyft he’s his own boss.

We lost our car last year because it was too expensive to keep up with payments after I lost my job. Between that and losing my father, as well as my brother in law, it has been an extremely difficult time for us.

Rob has been using a car through Lyft Express. While it is nice to drive a new car, getting it from Lyft eats up most of his profits. I haven’t been able to work as much this summer due to health, so money is tight. We are not looking for a hand out so much as a hand up so he can contribute to our finances again.

What we want is to buy a car with cash so all the money he makes from Lyft is ours. Finding the car is easy, so please help us raise the funds we need to help get our life back on track.

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