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MIAMI GARDENS, FL, Saturday December 8th, 2018   If you or your loved one has a physical, visual, or cognitive disability, then you will need a smart keyboard to help you with all your computing needs. These can either be one-handed keyboards, onscreen keyboards or voice responsive keyboards depending on the type of disability you have. Below are four smart keyboards that can be used by people with disabilities.


This is a keyboard that you can easily use and setting it up only takes a few minutes. The keyboard is also extremely versatile and has the capability of doing some interesting things such as allowing you to choose the final position of your letter selection. Also, it has an option of setting a custom keyboard layout which you can print out yourself. However, these keyboards are no longer being manufactured hence it is hard to get them in the market. The smartphone keyboards have in many ways replaced this keyboard.


Keyguards can be considered as the most effective low tech solution for people with disability since it is not difficult to hit the keys accurately. The keyboard’s design is very impressive, and it mostly favors those with a physical disability. The good thing is that you can also install it in your smartphone consequently improving your typing experience.

Compact Keyboard

The size of this keyboard allows you to perfectly place it on a wheelchair tray or work desk making it a good keyboard for cerebral palsy patients. Since it is small-sized and doesn’t have a numeric keypad the pointing device is positioned appropriately to allow easy control. Notably, the most popular compact keyboard that you will get in the market is Cherry, and the good thing is that you can get a matching KeyGuard in case you need it.


This is a standard push button keyboard, but the only difference is that it has bigger keys. Additionally, the keys are clearly marked with the text being printed 11 times larger than that found in regular keyboards. As such, this is a very popular keyboard for Parkinson’s patients and those with visual impairment. Since the keyboard is designed similar to the standard keyboard, there is no special software or drivers that are required to run it. The big keys are also very helpful for kids with motor disabilities.

There are many causes of disability some of which are completely unavoidable. However, even if one is disabled, they have a right of digital inclusion hence special keyboard are essential. With a special keyboard, the disabled will be at par with the rest of the society when it comes to computing.

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