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My son was burned in a gasoline explosion and the medical bills have over whelmed my family and we are facing eviction.

My name is Jamie I am a single mother of 6 kids. On October 8, 2016 my 17 year old son was badly burned in a gasoline explosion. He received 1 & 2nd  degree burns over 30% of his upper body(belly button up) We were flown from Alaska to Seattle. I flew with him with the cloths on my back and my wallet nothing else. I was 30 weeks pregnant.

He under went temp skin graphs on his chest during surgery his lungs collapsed and he was put back on a ventilator. He eventually went through another surgery where they took skin from him thigh .. I spent a month in Seattle with him till I HAD to fly back to Alaska due to being 34 weeks pregnant. He spent the total of 33 days in the ICU. In February of this year we flew back to Seattle for another surgery to remove the scar tissue under his neck so he could lift his chin up without pulling his face down.

They were able to do a skin flap on the left side. In November of this year we have to go back to have another skin flap done on the right side. He is the strongest young man I know. He isn’t bothered by his scars and is wanting to speak publicly to young people about the dangers of mixing gas and fire.

The amount of debt that we have accumulated is overwhelming and I have found myself broke and on the verge of being homeless. I pride myself in being independent and always helping others in need. Now I find myself asking you all for help to get my family back on our feet and out from under this over whelming debt.

Please share our story my hope is to allow this to be seen by as many as possible to help an Alaskan family out. Thank you for your consideration.


Medical & Living

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