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Mom military veteran of six kids, two being twins and one of the twins is inspired to become an MD, to set an example for his siblings and inspired by his mom who earned her Doctorate degree, despite the challenges of being a single mom, and working full-time.

Twin Jermel excel in his school studies and spends long nights his senior year tackling physics and other courses for promising entrance into a university Medical College.

Our names are Guy and Jermel we are fraternal twins and graduating in 2019. The Twin in the grey shirt now 17 Jermel’s goal in life is to become a Medical Doctor, and he needs the community’s help in order to achieve his goals, your contribution to my brothers long term educational goals will greatly be appreciated.

By the way the always gets upset if he gets a B lol Since elementary school my brother has focused on doing well in school despite having 5 other siblings from a single mom who racked up large amount of money in Student loans to achieve her goals, just to show her 6 children how important education is.

Well my brother wants to avoid racking more educational loans for mom to pay, and pay for his education in full. To become a MD is expensive and we need more Doctors, and the journey is long, and when you have a desire to finish at the finish line reaching out to the community can help in crossing the line.

I can’t count the many nights my brother stays up late studying physics and other challenging classes to ensure his entrance into a University Medical school lets help him get there level up the challenge.

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