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Soon to be homeless sadly GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

Life for me over the last 7 years has really not gone as planned (really the last several years but it took a worse turn lately).  I’ve had to come back home while dealing with a chronic digestive disorder that took specialists (and 2 different hospitals) 4 years to figure out.  They discovered I have Gastroparesis aka slow digestion which ...

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JustALeg Surgery Solution Osseointegration for Amputee Kare Zigay YouCaring Help Today

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 26, 2016 — An amputee solution two years in the making is close to becoming a reality for one local woman thanks to support from complete strangers using an approach to assist amputees with the possibility of greater and more effortless mobility using the newest innovation in the field of prosthetics. Over 180 patients from Australia, ...

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Alexander’s Heart Surgery & Recovery Fund

Hello my name is Sharon, I’m the mother of 4 children. Krista (15) Samantha (11) Ethan (8) and Alexander (4) Life has thrown us a lot of curve balls this year.  Along with dealing with Black mold in my 2 bedroom condo, My 4 year old son  Alexander, AJ for short, was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. He needed to be put under in order ...

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