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Mellanox Establishes High Performance Computing Advisory Council

2008-07-15 07:30:00

Over 40 Vendors and End-Users Pledge to Accelerate HPC Innovation,

Market Expansion and Support Network

SANTA CLARA, Calif. & YOKNEAM, Israel–(EMWNews)–Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX)

(TASE: MLNX), a leading supplier of semiconductor-based, server and

storage interconnect products, today announced the formation of the HPC

Advisory Council (,

a distinguished high-performance computing ecosystem that includes

best-in-class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), strategic

technology suppliers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and selected

end-users across the entire range of HPC market segments. The Council

was formed to accelerate HPC innovations and new technologies, optimize

system performance, efficiency and scalability and provide the best

total solution to the end-user. The Council will also collaborate to

extend the reach of HPC into new market segments, which have been

traditionally governed by single workstations, but currently require the

performance of HPC clustering to meet current and future end-user


The growing list of companies and end-user organizations that have

joined the HPC Advisory Council include: AMD, Appro, Blue Ridge

Numerics, Colfax International, DataDirect Networks, Dell, Evergrid,

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, GigaSpaces Technologies, HCL

Infosystems, HP, Intel, The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies

(IGT), Lamprey Networks, Livermore Software Technology Corporation, LSI

Corporation., Mellanox Technologies, Microsoft, Microway, NEC

Corporation of America, Netweb Technologies, Oak Ridge National

Laboratory, Ohio State University, RNA Networks, SGI, Scalable Graphics,

ScaleMP, Schlumberger, Silicon Mechanics, SoftModule, Sun Microsystems,

System Fabrics Works, Terascala, The Victorian Partnership for Advanced

Computing, Voltaire, VXTECH, Wipro InfoTech, Wolfram Research, Z

Research and various individuals. For joining the HPC Advisory Council,

please visit

or contact [email protected].

The HPC Advisory Council was formed with the

main goal to create best practices within the HPC market segments,

particularly qualifying and optimizing HPC solutions, while also

providing a common support center for consultations, questions and

issues for HPC end-users, said Gilad Shainer,

director of technical marketing at Mellanox Technologies. HPC

end-users can benefit from the HPC Advisory Council through reduced

procurement cycle and installation time, and availability of pre-tuned

applications for better system utilization and faster time to market.

Building an HPC ecosystem with key industry

players on board is critical in order to ensure interoperability,

maximize total solution efficiency, and accelerate new technologies and

time to market of new HPC products, said Jie

Wu, Research Manager, Technical Computing at IDC. Mellanoxs

HPC Advisory Council outreach is expected to speed up HPC cluster

adoption in more sectors of the technical computing, and bring the

capabilities of HPC to new markets and products.

Industry collaboration is a critical step in

delivering technology developments that best meet customers

needs, said Scot Schultz, senior strategic

alliance manager for HPC, AMD (NYSE: AMD). Participation

in the HPC Advisory Council is a natural fit for AMD, as many of the

leading HPC installations worldwide are based on the AMD Opteron

processor, and our work with the HPC Advisory Council can help HPC

customers and partners continue to deliver superior end-to-end solutions

that address the most demanding workloads.

Appro is proud to join the Mellanox HPC

Advisory Council where it provides a premier forum for networking

technology leaders to help companies access the right resources to

succeed, said Jim Ballew, Chief Technology

Officer at Appro. Appro sees the adoption of

InfiniBand supercomputing clusters as an affirmation that HPC is going


Blue Ridge Numerics is excited about the

opportunity to join the Mellanox HPC Advisory Council,

said Eric Stenner, Director of Information Technology at Blue Ridge

Numerics. Mellanox technology will be an

integral part of our development of CFdesign in an InfiniBand-based

high-performance computing environment, with the goal of making complex

CFD simulations faster and more accessible to a wider group of engineers.

We are proud to be a member of the HPC

Advisory Council, and to share our vast experience and innovative

solutions in high performance computing with the HPC community,

said Gautam Shah, chief executive officer, Colfax International. “Our

world leading clustering solutions have already been placed in the

Council Cluster Center to provide the necessary development and

benchmarking environment for the Council activities and outreach.

DataDirect Networks is seeing new data

storage requirements and choices emerge in the HPC space,

said Dave Fellinger, CTO of DataDirect Networks. For

example, many HPC users have deployed our S2A storage systems in

clustered environments, designed to handle increasingly complex data

patterns and massive amounts of large files. Users will be able to

leverage the Councils best practices and

interoperability testing to better optimize their solutions to achieve

the extreme performance, scalability and stability needed for their

data-intensive scientific and modeling applications.

A colossal of knowledge from the best names

in HPC technology is what the HPC Advisory Council will facilitate. It

will be beneficial for the end-user as it will bring specialized

knowledge within reach of those who wish to implement high-performance

solutions, said George Paul, Executive Vice

President, HCL Infosystems Ltd. As India’s

premier information enabling and ICT (information and communication

technologies) system Integration Company we bring over three decades of

expertise, and are happy to be a part of the alliance as we are sure

this will help build the HPC ecosystem.

To help users conduct HPC research and meet

their business objectives, some of the industrys

top minds will develop best practices through the HPC Advisory Council,

said Ed Turkel, manager of HPC product marketing for the Scalable

Computing & Infrastructure Organization at HP. HPC

innovation impacts how customers utilize HP technology, which is

evidenced by the growth we have seen in InfiniBand adoption on HP

Cluster Platforms based on HP BladeSystem c-Class servers. Advancements

such as this can now be better supported by an entire team tasked with

facilitating industry collaboration.

Intel has been part of the Mellanox HPC

Cluster Center from its beginnings, contributing key optimizations for

the benefit of the entire HPC community,

said Jim Pappas, Director Technology Initiatives and Industry Marketing

at Intel. We look forward to furthering

these efforts with the HPC council and providing even broader support to

end users for our mutual HPC technologies, such as our advanced HPC

servers with InfiniBand* and Intel® Cluster

Ready technology that enhance end user experiences and simplify


As the HPC market expands, end-users

increasingly ask for ways to improve productivity,

said Jeff Wierer, senior product manager at Microsoft Corp. We

anticipate the HPC Advisory Council to drive valuable best practices in

how to use high-speed networking and Windows HPC Server 2008 in

mainstream enterprise and commercial datacenters.

We look at InfiniBand as a unified

connectivity for HPC and Storage. It will address the speed and latency

issues on top of ease to manage the entire HPC setup with just one

connectivity, said Sanjay Lodha, chief

executive officer, Netweb Technologies. This

collaborative effort will bring the entire eco system close to each

other in bringing truly exciting products and solutions for the


Joining the HPC Advisory Council is an

integral part of Scalable Graphics strategic development plans. Mellanox

InfiniBand technology lays in the core of our software solutions for

high-performance computing and visualization,

said Xavier Cavin, Chief Executive Officer of Scalable Graphics. We

believe that this large ecosystem will greatly help in the spread of HPC

solutions and HPC best practices into a wide range of markets.

InfiniBand is viewed as a strategic

interconnect by HPC customers, said Bill

Mannel, senior director, server marketing, SGI. We

are happy to participate in the Council to further the software and

hardware options available to all users. Two of the top 10

supercomputers in the world use tightly-integrated Mellanox technology

in our SGI® Altix®

ICE platforms, and we expect this trend to grow.

The HPC Advisory Council will help end-users

solve real business problems and perform highly complex scientific

simulations, faster than ever, said Cheryl

Martin, senior director Modular Systems, Sun Microsystems. Our

InfiniBand-based systems, used by some of the worlds fastest

supercomputers, are available via the Council Cluster Center to the

entire HPC end-user and software development community making it easy to

take advantage of Sun’s powerful and efficient solutions for application

performance optimization and future application development.

System Fabric Works (SFW), a 6 year old

leading independent custom software engineering services, integration

and consulting company is pleased to join the HPC Council to share our

experience in developing core components of he current HPC clustering

and storage ecosystems, and lessons we have learned in several

deployments with leading edge customers in modeling and simulation,

national security, financial services and product development, for many

other members of the Council, said Bob

Pearson Founder, CEO and CTO, System Fabric Works. We

look forward to the Council playing a major role in the discussions on

the strategic, technical and business issues the Council will work on.

The unique value of the HPC Advisory Council

is the combination of members from different user segments and from many

areas that make up the ecosystem for successful HPC environments,

said Rick Friedman, VP of Marketing at Terascala, Inc. This

Council will provide a great opportunity for all these groups to work

together and share best practices for those HPC environments.

One of the great things about InfiniBand is

the ongoing collaboration of the HPC community to further the technologys

advancement and ensure interoperability,

said Asaf Somekh, vice president of strategic alliances, Voltaire. The

HPC Advisory Council is poised to have a great impact on a broad array

of HPC technologies based on InfiniBand and will help ensure the best

total solutions for HPC customers. Voltaire has significant experience

with large HPC deployments and we are happy to share this experience to

contribute to the HPC Councils success.

We are pleased to be part of this

distinguished group of ecosystem for building integrated HPC solutions,

said Sitaram Venkat, Group Product Manager for HPC Practice at Wipro

InfoTech. We value our partnership with

Mellanox immensely, as a System Integrator for building highly

cost-effective HPC solutions on high bandwidth interconnect to reach out

to end-users, and as a Pioneer for Affordable Super Computing for future


HPC Advisory Council members and end-users can benefit from easy access

to equipment for certifications and benchmarking via the Mellanox

Cluster Center. The Mellanox Cluster Center, located in Santa Clara,

California, offers an environment for developing, testing, benchmarking

and optimizing products based on leading-edge multi-core systems and the

latest 40Gb/s InfiniBand technology. More info can be found at

The Council also operates an end-user advisory help desk to provide a

centralized place for end-users HPC-related

questions, such as troubleshooting, system design and usage model

advisory for overall system performance optimization.

For additional details about the HPC Advisory Council email [email protected].

About Mellanox

Mellanox Technologies is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based,

interconnect products to world-class server, storage, and infrastructure

OEMs servicing Fortune 500 data centers, the worlds

most powerful supercomputers, and mission critical embedded

applications. The companys Virtual Protocol

Interconnect (VPI) enables standard

communication protocols to operate over any converged network

(InfiniBand, Ethernet, Data Center Ethernet) with the same software

solution. Utilizing proven networking, clustering, storage,

virtualization and RDMA acceleration engines, VPI optimizes application

performance, power consumption, workload agility, and total system

efficiency while future-proofing IT infrastructure.

Founded in 1999, Mellanox Technologies is headquartered in Santa Clara,

California and Yokneam, Israel. For more information, visit Mellanox at

Mellanox, ConnectX, InfiniBlast, InfiniBridge, InfiniHost, InfiniRISC,

InfiniScale, and InfiniPCI are registered trademarks of Mellanox

Technologies, Ltd. Virtual Protocol Interconnect is a trademark of

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. All other trademarks are property of their

respective owners.

Mellanox Technologies
Brian Sparks, 408-970-3400
[email protected]

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