Data Breach & CryptoFeatured News — Building The Next Web3 Social Gaming Blockchain is dedicated to creating a pioneering decentralized social gaming blockchain. By innovatively combining Web3 technology with social gaming elements, is not just a gaming platform—it also represents the future of PvP interactive gaming, where every player is an indispensable part of the ecosystem.

A Fair and Transparent Gaming Environment aims to provide players with a safe, fair, and transparent gaming environment. Here, you will experience unparalleled security and fairness, and enjoy instant competitive fun without borders. All game processes are transparently verifiable and based on blockchain technology. Additionally, holders of $MONK tokens are not only gamers but also partners in the development of

Diverse Game Types

The MonkeyBit platform offers a variety of game types, ranging from simple dual-camp battles to complex multi-camp strategy games. Each mode is designed with unique game mechanics and deep engagement, such as “Up&Down,” “Battle Royal,” and “Ape Arcade.” Players can showcase individual skills while also engaging in team cooperation.

Decentralized Community Governance values community governance and adopts a decentralized decision-making mechanism, allowing players to directly participate in the platform’s governance. Players can vote on modifications to game rules, approval of new games, and major updates, ensuring the platform’s operations align with the interests and best benefits of the majority of players.

Play-to-Earn Model

On the MonkeyBit platform, players not only enjoy the entertainment experience of games but also earn $MONK tokens, turning their gameplay performance and strategic intelligence into actual economic benefits. This model encourages active participation and rewards players for their involvement.

A True Social Platform

MonkeyBit has created a true social platform where players can form alliances, strategize together, and participate in community governance. These interactions are a significant part of the gaming experience.

Easy-to-Play Fun Mini-Games

MonkeyBit has designed various easy-to-play fun mini-games, such as “Up&Down,” a dual-camp battle game. These games are simple to operate and do not require a long time commitment, allowing players to quickly immerse themselves and enjoy instant fun and competitive experiences.

Brand Co-Creation

MonkeyBit encourages collaboration with various brands and creators to jointly create unique game content and virtual goods. This not only enhances the diversity and appeal of the games but also helps brands realize value conversion through digital goods and NFTs, promoting a new model of cross-border marketing.

Open and Inclusive Gaming Ecosystem

MonkeyBit is committed to building an open and inclusive gaming ecosystem, welcoming game development teams worldwide to deploy and operate their games on the platform. This strategy not only expands the game library and enriches player choices but also attracts more developers to leverage MonkeyBit’s blockchain technology and token economy to create more innovative game works.

Diverse Game Combinations offers a variety of game types, from strategic battle arenas to role-playing games, each embedded with rich narratives that enhance the depth and context of each interaction. This diversity ensures that all types of players can find content that suits their tastes, thereby enhancing user engagement and platform growth.

Integration of NFTs and Gaming Ecosystem issues NFTs themed around game heroes and stories. These NFTs are not only digital collectibles but also practical tools within the games. In the future, with the development of Web3 and the crypto NFT market, the platform plans to further expand the NFT ecosystem, introducing more innovative digital collectibles and interactive experiences, creating a new model of cross-border marketing.

Global and Multi-Chain Support

To meet the needs of players worldwide, has initially deployed on the Polygon network and plans to expand to other major public chains such as BSC, SOL, and more. This multi-chain strategy not only enhances the platform’s scalability but also allows players to freely choose the network that best suits their gaming preferences.


Welcome to join, explore the infinite possibilities of future gaming, and become part of this vibrant social gaming ecosystem!



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