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Mothers Cancer treatments GoFundME Campaign

October 2018, my mother was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer, upon surgery (double mastectomy) they discovered other tumors near her stomach and rib cage area.

She has chosen an alternative to chemo called Anastrozole, this treatment has side effects, but not nearly as horrible as Chemo, only downside, it’s partially covered by Medicare, so I’ve been working extra anywhere I can to try and cover the remainder before end of month, I’m coming up short and just need help.

I told my mom I was going to find a way to get it, and after some research, this platform seems like the best way to reach more people.

I feel it’s time to put my faith in the kindness of others.

I’ve always been the giver in so many lives, but I feel like I’m losing hope, my mom feels beat and I made her a promise I’ll make this happen.
Treatment will start on February 1st, and I hope I can reach this goal, this amount is what I was quoted by her provider that won’t be covered.

I have 23 days to come up with this amount. I’m terrified, I’m embarrassed asking and I’m broken and feel like if this doesn’t help, just giving up. after losing my father recently, I just can’t lose my mom too.

My mom being in her 60s is trying to stay positive, but how can you fight when your insurance company won’t even cover what’s needed?

any amount donated is greatly appreciated and closer to what she needs, it all goes towards the treatment and after care shots to help with the side effects.

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