My Immediate Lifetime Goals and Medical Issues GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Hello, My name is Emanuel Lawton. I am 59 years old and I live in Long Beach,Ca. I enjoy life and I try to live everyday to the fullest.

Recently I discovered that I have a disease called Gout that has made my life a little bit more difficult.Gout is an arthritic condition that affects the joints and can be quite painful at times. It is caused by having too much uric acid in the body and the uric acid crystallizes and surrounds the joints and causes pain.As a result, the quality of my life has suffered a bit and I am forced me to walk with a cane sometimes and reduce my hours at work.This of course has affected my income.

I try to control my condition by watching what I eat but there are so many foods that contain Uric acid that makes that task difficult sometimes. I would like to try to achieve some of my lifetime goals before this disease gets the best of me. I always wanted to go to DisneyWorld and revisit Las Vegas which I haven’t been to in over 40 years-it was my mother’s favorite place to travel. I know that doesn’t seem much but little things seem to matter to me more the older I get. If anyone can help me achieve my modest goals by making a donation and sharing this with your network I would eternally grateful to them.Thank you so much and have a blessed day. #GoFundme

Any contribution to help me pay off my medical bills ($2200)would be greatly appreciated and wether you contribute or not,God bless you.

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