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Nana Needs a Dog House GoFundMe Campaign

In the face of adversity, a resilient spirit emerges. Debra Goree, a devoted animal lover and long-time caretaker of six dogs, finds herself in a challenging situation and seeks support through the “Nana Needs a Dog House” GoFundMe campaign.

The journey began with a tragic loss—Debra’s dear friend, John, faced a series of health challenges, culminating in a battle with brain cancer. Amidst personal hardships, Debra cared for John and faced natural disasters, including Hurricane Idalia, which wreaked havoc on her home.

Show your support today at https://www.gofundme.com/f/nana-needs-a-dog-house

Living in a 30+ year old mobile home with no A/C or heat, malfunctioning electrical systems, and structural issues, Debra’s living conditions have become increasingly precarious. The recent notification of impending insurance cancellation due to the lack of flood insurance poses a new threat.

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Debra, a 69-year-old security guard, remains resilient. Having lost family and friends, she is now the last one standing. With determination, she is seeking assistance to secure a down payment for a small home in the countryside, providing sanctuary for herself, her dogs, and her chickens. The aim is to find an affordable residence within an hour of Gainesville, considering the lower tax burden in rural areas.

Debra’s story is one of strength and compassion, exemplified by her commitment to the well-being of animals. With a lifetime of experience working with pets, she vows to continue being an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves and to take in unwanted strays.

Donate today at https://www.gofundme.com/f/nana-needs-a-dog-house

“I don’t like asking for help,” Debra confesses, “but after facing two natural disasters, losing loved ones, and enduring various health challenges, I am left with no choice. I’m in good health now and committed to creating a better future for myself and my furry companions.”

The “Nana Needs a Dog House” GoFundMe campaign aims to raise funds for a down payment on a home, allowing Debra to secure a stable future. Your support will not only assist in overcoming the immediate threat of eviction but also contribute to creating a lasting haven for Debra and her beloved animals.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Debra Goree
Old Town Hammock, FL
GoFundMe Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/nana-needs-a-dog-house

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