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Navellier & Associates Announces Exclusive Stock Portfolio, Navellier Vantage

2008-07-15 10:00:00

Investment portfolio takes advantage of the best opportunities in the

broad stock market

RENO, Nev.–(EMWNews)–Navellier & Associates (,

a registered investment advisor that manages about $4.3 billion in a

variety of portfolios for institutional and individual clients, today

announced the newest addition to their range of equity products, Navellier

Vantage (,

an exclusive portfolio comprised of stocks personally selected by Louis

Navellier to be his “favorite ideas.” Unlike typical portfolios, Vantage

takes advantage of the best opportunities in the broad stock market

free of all style-based constraints. The result is a flexible portfolio

that seeks superior risk-adjusted performance.

Most managed portfolios follow a style box investment approach. These

style-based products focus on a narrow segment of the market: small,

medium, or large-cap; growth or value; domestic or international. When

constrained within a narrow style box, managers arent

free to choose stocks based solely on their potential for profit.

Vantage, on the other hand, is global in scope, and includes Louis

Navelliers favorite 60 to 100 stock picks

across all styles, capitalizations and market sectors.

The Navellier Vantage portfolio is

  • Designed for strong relative and absolute performance

  • Unconstrained by style (growth/value) or market capitalization

    (small/medium/large) factors

  • Open to both domestic and international stocks, including stocks with

    non-U.S. dollar revenues

  • Guided by the entire depth and breadth of Navelliers

    equities research in all style boxes and asset classes

Balancing opportunity against risk, Vantage strives to maximize

risk-adjusted returns through Louis Navelliers

renowned portfolio optimization

approach created nearly three decades ago. The optimization model

balances stocks of various risk levels across a wide spectrum of

industries and sectors, attempting to provide protection against market

volatility while offering the potential for strong performance.

“Adapting to changing market conditions, a dynamic asset allocation

strategy may sometimes be used in order to increase the portfolios

cash position,” said Chief Investment Officer Louis Navellier. “Our

dynamic model rebalances funds based on a combination of factors,

including market volatility, portfolio volatility, portfolio return, and

riskless rate of return.

Louis Navellier will personally participate in a quarterly conference

call with all Vantage clients who will also get a monthly newsletter

that discusses top stocks. Navellier Vantage is available only to a

limited number of select clients who meet minimum net-worth

requirements. To Learn More about Navellier Vantage, please watch our Web

video (

from Louis Navellier himself.

About Navellier & Associates, Inc.

Founded by Chairman, Louis

G. Navellier, famous for his quantitative analysis on growth stocks

since 1980, Navellier & Associates has successfully guided thousands of

investors by applying its disciplined, quantitative investment

process to a broad range of equity products. Navellier & Associates

is headquartered in Reno, Nevada.

Navellier & Associates
Patrick J. OConnor

800-365-8471 ext, 438
[email protected]

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