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The Target Marketing Group Launches Nation’s First Retro Active Real Estate Relocation System


Target Marketing Group

2008-04-04 09:20:00

The Target Marketing Group Launches Nation’s First Retro Active Real Estate Relocation System

MONTGOMERY, AL–( EMWNews – April 4, 2008) – Target Marketing Group launches the nation’s

first Retro Active Real Estate Relocation System. The technology

relocates and target markets to prospects searching a broker’s website for

homes. Brokers using the technology are able to have their company ads

shown on national websites and in place of other ads that would normally be

visible. Like caller I.D., the system identifies the address of a prospect

searching real estate on a broker’s site. When that prospect leaves, the

system is able to remember the IP address and communicates with the Ad

Networks who serve ads on most of the nation’s top websites. The system is

able to periodically place an ad in front of that prospect regardless of

what they’re searching for or where they go online. It’s one of the only

ways to stay in front of the same prospects while they’re in the process of

making a decision. Since the ads are only shown to home buyers or sellers

who’ve recently visited the broker’s site, there isn’t any wasted marketing


Contrary to popular belief, only a small percentage of time online is

associated to search. The majority of a consumer’s online time is spent

reading the content derived from search. The ability to consistently stay

in front of each consumer independent of their future interest is paramount

in today’s media environment. Imagine being able to have your

advertisement properly positioned in major publications and shown only to

prospects who’ve already admitted an interest in your services or products.

Now imagine being able to be in each and almost any publication &

specifically on the page that consumer might stop to read. Demos are

available online at and program cost for small

market agent programs begins as low as $89 per month. Broker programs

start on average around $225 a month and vary depending on the amount of

monthly unique visitors.

For additional information please visit us online or call 877-863-0598.

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