Need car & place to live GoFundMe Viral Exposure Campaign

Next week I have a ct scan for my lungs 2 uncles died of emphysema hereditary probably biggest Fear Progressive Disease No cure. I have no Car for Doctors Appts. also No place to live What is one to do besides Prayer, all came down at once, as I was getting sober my sponsors advice Don’t be Proud if you need help Ask
So that’s what I’m doing Asking for your help

Last year I had to sell my car, to help a family member mistake since then i have not been able to see my grandchildren, get a job, or get back involved in Volunteer and Service with the Church

i never realized how important in life having a vehicle is until you don’t have one. The money I’m asking will cover tags, title & taxes, I’m on Social Security however I can afford a small monthly payment. As I’m getting older my Heart Aches in not being able to see and hold my grandchildren any grandparents out there know that miserable feeling of not watching them grow up.

In addition having been involved in ministry from mission trips, feeding the homeless or just spreading the Word of God I feel disconnected which I don’t like.

First step a cheap car, then job, then lodging.
Gods will not my will be Done
I appreciate all all of you who have taken the time to read this and whether you choose to help or not God Bless
Thank You

Anything you can give $5-$10-$25 etc would help

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