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4 years ago Chloi and Abbi were taken from their home with me and vanished without warning. Their mother picked them up for her weekend visitation and never returned. For two years I searched and searched with no thought of giving up… EVER!

Then one day I received the call I had been waiting for, MY BABIES WERE FOUND! Only one problem, Arkansas will not honor/respect a North Carolina Judges ruling that they rightfully belong with ME! Arkansas is attempting to strip me of my rights and adopt my babies out to a family with criminal convictions, known drug use and mental disorders.

So, being the Father I am, I’m doing everything in my power to prove to Arkansas that I’m  worthy of my little angels and no matter what… I’M NOT GIVING UP!

This is were I’m asking for your help. My family and I have exhausted all savings to date, through our travels to appear for court dates, counseling sessions and visitations. So much has been accomplished to give up now!

For the next 4-6 mo  counseling session and visitations will be increased from once every 3 month to once every 3 weeks. Each trip is estimated at $1,600.-$1,800., not including legal and court fees. The drive alone is 20 hrs there and 20 hrs back, which makes each trip at least 4-5 days. This also means I’m not able to work during that time to keep the funds coming in as I have been.

This is were I’m coming to you as a humble father asking for any amount of help you can give. Every little bit is very much appreciated!

All I want is to bring my babies home. Thank you for your support!

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