Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) Stock Gets Dethroned After Sell Signal

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) Stock Gets Dethroned After Sell Signal

Nvidia (NVDA) stock, once celebrated on Wall Street, has experienced a notable downturn despite its leading position in the artificial intelligence and chip sector. Despite playing a pivotal role in the market rally earlier this year, the stock recently signaled a sell-off, prompting a crucial question: were investors able to exit their positions in a timely manner?

Having been a significant contributor to the Nasdaq’s robust performance in 2023 and playing a key role in the surge of chip-related stocks, Nvidia has faced a recent decline. According to MarketSmith data, the up-down volume ratio for Nvidia has fallen to 0.9, indicating diminishing demand. This ratio, measured over 50 days, compares total volume on up days to total volume on down days, with a reading above 1.0 indicating positive demand for the stock.

Institutional investors are evidently adjusting their positions, as reflected in the declining IBD Accumulation/Distribution Rating. The rating, now at a C-, signifies a shift where sellers outnumber buyers, compared to a B- a month ago when buyers held the majority.

The decline in Nvidia’s stock is evident as it fell 6.6% below its 10-week moving average, triggering a sell signal. Following its peak at 502.66 on August 24, prompted by higher-than-expected quarterly earnings and sales, along with an optimistic sales outlook for the current quarter, the stock began to falter. Despite a subsequent pullback resulting in a 16% decline from its high, Nvidia’s shares have still seen an impressive gain of around 186% for the year. Investors now face the challenge of navigating this evolving landscape.

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