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One Pearl Jewelry Created To Help One Child At a Time

2008-08-14 02:00:00

One Pearl Jewelry has created a new line of bracelets and necklaces featuring a trademarked black or white pearl, symbolizing a life transformed through a One Pearl purchase. One Pearl Jewelry can be purchased online at

Farmington, CT (EMWNews) August 14, 2008 — During an exceptionally difficult time in One Pearl Jewelry founder and designer Theresa Hines’ life, one of her sons needed intensive treatment for behavioral issues. To Theresa, the idea of the formation of a pearl, which begins as an irritant within a mollusk but emerges a gem, seemed a perfect metaphor for the transformation her son was undergoing. This metaphor was the inspiration for the start of One Pearl Jewelry. Since then, the contrasting pearl has come to symbolize not only Theresa’s sons, but also the children close to the hearts of One Pearl women everywhere.

One Pearl has provided Theresa Hines with a way to combine her love of design and fashion with a desire to support causes she believes in. As a result, One Pearl donates a significant percentage of total sales to non-profit organizations that promote education or healthcare in some significant way.

“I decided that each piece of my jewelry would feature a contrasting black or white pearl to symbolize transformation and hope. Profits from sales would be used to help initiate transformation in the lives of others, whether through education, health care or behavioral programs. I was going to take the bleakest moment of my life and try to make something good come from it. One Pearl literally saved me….” stated Theresa Hines, founder of One Pearl Jewelry.

For purchasers of One Pearl jewelry, this means that not only are they giving a gift to themselves or to whomever the jewelry is intended, but they are also giving a gift on a much broader scale. One Pearl currently supports the following charities: the Cambodian Living Arts Organization, the Savings Teens in Crisis Collaborative, and the Watkinson School Global Studies Programs. More information on each of these charities can be found at

“One Pearl’s commitment and talent provide a positive example for so many women who struggle everyday to see all the possibilities that exist in this world for themselves and their families” said Sonja Thorne-Larkin, Insurance Executive and purchaser of One Pearl jewelry.

The One Pearl line consists of both necklaces and bracelets made of pearls as well as semiprecious stones. Styles range from classic pearl necklaces to chic and modern beaded strands that can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, belts, or even anklets. The One Pearl line is well suited to bridesmaids gifts, anniversary gifts, and as a push present for new mothers. Additionally, there is a One Pearl Girl line with items designed especially for young girls.

Besides donating a large percentage of sales to charity, Theresa has found another way to involve One Pearl in charitable activities. The custom One Pearl silk jewelry pouches are made in Cambodia by a non-profit organization that trains women to weave, and whose profits fund education and medical care in many parts of Cambodia.

One Pearl necklaces and bracelets are available online at Theresa Hines can also be contacted at 860.678.1516.

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