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Bring my horses home and start my businesses. Hi my name is Sandra Achilli I’m a 34-year-old single mom of a six-year-old little girl. I know that we all have our struggles and everybody has a story to tell but my life like many has been very hard especially in the last four years. In Feb 2014 in Elmont New York there was a house fire where me and my daughter were renting the basement. We lost everything we owned and my two American bulldogs passed away from smoke Inhalation. My daughter and I then moved back to Poughkeepsie I got a job on a horse farm and ended up adopting my horse Cody. He has taken me out of some hard times and definitely been an extremely healing addition to our family. Since then we acquired two more horses and now have three they are up at a boarding facility in Millbrook. I want to move them to my house so I dont have to board anymore but I owe the guy a few bucks. Whole other topic. As a single mom I struggle but also I have no family and no support system it is literally just me.  She does have a father but his help is VERY minimal. And he doesn’t live close.

As far as my family goes in my personal life I was born in Florida in 1984 to a drug addict mother who needed to go to jail when I was age six months old so she sent me and my 10-year-old sister to North Carolina to stay with her sister she refused to let us be taken into the system and put up for adoption but she was not able to take care of us, neither was her sister as she has children of her own, so their cousin in New York State and his wife thought they couldn’t have children and volunteered to adopt me and ended up adopting my sister as well. My sister‘s behavior was terrible due to emotional and physical abuse she had endured before I was born and stressed them out and they were not ready to deal with me growing up so when I was 11 they put me in a group home and I was a ward of New York State until I was 18 and I’ve pretty much been struggling to survive on my own ever since it’s very hard to pay for college when you have to keep a roof over your own head and food in your own stomach 100% by yourself all the time. I have credits but always have to drop out because I can’t pay.

I’m going to fast forward now to the current. In April 2018 we were able to move from Poughkeepsie across the river to Saugerties my daughter has now started the first grade here and we love the change in atmosphere. I have acreage and I am trying to start a farm and also a pet sitting service. These are the links:



As I stated previously my life has been especially hard recently my vehicle broke in 2018 on Christmas Eve morning and in order to not lose my job I had to rent a vehicle the person who was supposed to fix my broken truck did not fix it he took my $2000 and my vehicle is sitting in a muddy lot in Poughkeepsie. I could no longer afford to rent a rental car I spent all my savings from January until September So about a month ago I bought a cheap vehicle I am at the end of my rope’s financially. We live in a wonderful location with plenty of opportunity and I am not able to take advantage of it because I do not have the investment capital. The income potential for both of the businesses is great. I am an animal person and this is what I do. I just need minor things to make it work. Web design, advertisement/marketing, certifications, etc.  I also could be saving a lot of money if I could move my horses home but Inowe the guy 2000. I don’t want to lose our horses and he DEFINITELY wants them out of there. I have proof of everything I’ve stated on paper and am a God fearing honest woman who needs some help to get started creating this awesome future for my princess. I can be contacted many ways and I would be happy to answer any questions. Thanks Sandra.



For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/f9n98-our-future