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Over 150 Cultural Activities Are Held in Shenzhen, A City Between Mountains and Seas, to Welcome the Spring Festival

As 2023 swiftly draws to a close and the temperatures gradually dip, Shenzhen remains ablaze with enthusiasm and vitality. Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau has meticulously curated over 150 exhilarating art events spanning from late December to late February 2024. This captivating lineup comprises over 200 performances, 40 exhibitions, and 100 outdoor cultural activities, promising an immersive and diverse cultural experience for all.

At the end of the year and the coming Spring Festival, Shenzhen will hold more than 150 colorful artistic activities, including more than 200 performances, more than 40 exhibitions and more than 100 outdoor cultural activities.

Around New Year’s Day, 14 internationally renowned orchestras from 9 countries will gather in Shenzhen and bring 25 international and high-level New Year concerts with domestic orchestras such as Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra.

During the Spring Festival, the dance drama Spring Chant, arranged and performed by Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theatre, will be performed with the citizens at Shenzhen Grand Theatre on January 12-14, 2024.

The succession of splendid art activities infuses a vibrant New Year’s essence, enveloping Shenzhen with an invigorating atmosphere. Residents and tourists alike can immerse themselves not only in the traditional festive ambience but also in novel and captivating experiences. Here, in Shenzhen, one can relish a cultural celebration brimming with joy and delight. Notably, Shenzhen’s warm and inviting winter climate renders it an ideal destination for leisure and holiday travel, offering a respite from the chill elsewhere.

Half the landscape and half the city, on the land of nearly 2000 square kilometers, Shenzhen has gathered all natural elements such as mountains, seas, forests, fields, rivers, grass and wetland, and “a city between mountains and seas” has become Shenzhen’s ecological business image.

In August 2022, the first mountain-sea corridor in Shenzhen, “Tanglang Mountain-Dasha River-Shenzhen Bay Corridor”, was fully connected, allowing citizens to enjoy the interweaving of mountains, rivers, seas and cities. At the end of this year, the main hiking trail “Kunpeng Trail”, which is 200 kilometers long, was opened to show the ecological resources of Shenzhen in an integrated way.

Futian Mangrove Ecology Park. (Photographed by Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau)

Shenzhen is rich in wetland resources. At present, Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve, Futian Mangrove Ecology Park and Xiwan Mangrove Wetland Park have become a part of Shenzhen featuring “a city between mountains and seas”.

Shenzhen Dameisha Seaside Park (Photographed by Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau)

With clear and small Meisha, sand-white Judiaosha and Yangmeikeng facing the sea, Shenzhen’s coastal tourism resources are also rich and high-quality.

Shenzhen Nantou Ancient City (Photographed by Shenzhen Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism and Sports Bureau)

Shenzhen not only has the fashionable atmosphere of a modern city, but also has a profound and long history. On the one hand, Shenzhen continues to excavate and protect historical and cultural attractions such as Nantou Ancient City, Dapengsuo City and Gankeng Ancient Town. On the other hand, Shenzhen has built ten characteristic cultural blocks, such as Dawanshiju, Shekou Sea World and OCT Innovation Block. Recently, nearly 60 life festivals will be held in the cultural block.


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