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Please help save Zytus

This little guy is Zytus. He is my leopard Gecko. I got him last year on Sept. 7th 2019 and we have been inseparable since then. Everything seemed fine until recently a couple weeks ago before his birthday he has not been eating. His usual diet consists of meal worms but he wont even look in their direction when i try to feed him.

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That was bad sign number 1. I did get him some krickets but he barely ate those. After an hour of feeding he threw up an entire kricket half digested. Bad sign number 2. The next couple days after he was shedding abnormally fast and was having stuck shed all over his toes. He ended up biting them too much and ended up scaring both back bottom feet. Stuck shed is connecting those spots and im afraid of i try to help the wounds will be opened back up as the scabs peel away with the stuck shed after soaking. Number 3 of bad signs. The next was taking him out of his enclosure and finding his back right leg swollen up like a bug bite. He cant balance himself properly because of it and. The last thing to find was his tail… Oh the tail is the worst… Its so skinny… And scabbed over. I have no clue how its gotten like that but im sure that its 100% tail rot. I been calculating how much all of this would cost. Especially since this will be his first vet visit on Saturday, Oct. 3rd 2020. Since he is an exotic pet and not that many reptile specialists around my area, its gonna be rather costly. Especially if the visit ends up with him going into surgery because of his tail. Unfortunally im pretty sure it cant be saved… All i want it for my sweet boy to be well and healthy again. Anything can help. The funds will be going to his vet bill and medications that he will be prescribed for. As well as new rooming renovations to keep his tank steril while he heals. Thank you for taking the time to read about his story. Zytus really appreciats it.

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