New Roof for My Elderly Clients Facebook Campaign

I take care of elderly women… I work for as an IHSS (In Home Social Services)as a caregiver. I love what I do, and can only say I wish I would have started this rewarding field sooner.

My story is that my ladies live with me and range in ages 78 to 93 years in age. We are in need of a new roof and the cost is overwhelming.

Since I don’t charge much in rents as they are on fixed incomes and well we want them to keep some of their money in there pocket for a sense of independence.

I’m reaching out to see if a new roof would be possible. I take care of my ladies 24/7 with the greatest joy in my heart. The roof will need to be installed by the end of Summer as we don’t know what the fall season will bring for rain.

Our current roof is approx. 36 years old and we do have dry riot as well, and we don’t know what it looks like under the current shingles.

We / I would be so honored for any amount you could contribute.


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