Puerto Rico is in Trouble, please help me get to my father!

This fundraiser is so I can go find my elderly father that’s in the mountains of San Lorenzo in the Barrio of Cayaguas with no food, water, or his much needed daily medication. He has medical problems that need attention. The initial funds raised will be to get to the island and bring him his medication, any extra funds will be used to get food and water filters to anyone that needs them. Its been 3 weeks since anyone has had any contact with anyone that lives up in the mountains of San Lorenzo. The funds are needed as soon as possible.  This fundraiser is very important to me because its my flesh and blood that needs help, as most of my family live in the mountains of San Lorenzo. I just recently got married on February 3, 2017 and I have 2 step sons, ages 21 and 6. I also have medical problems and just had surgery 9 days ago, but my Puerto Rico family needs help, and the government is not helping. My life is really busy i don’t have time to make stories up and waste anyone’s time. My fathers name is Domingo Serrano, his google maps address is 18.126548, -65.979755. Please help, people are dying. I’m not looking for a paid vacation or money to play with, my father and many other family’s need help. My main concern is to go find my father and make sure hes in good health.
I will post all receipts and purchases to be accountable. I will try to do what I can with $10,000, but please give what you can to help these people survive, because without it, they will die. there is no help coming you’re Puerto Ricos only hope.
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