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What it do!!
Hope your doing well. The reason why I’ve set this up is because I’ve started a new adventure in my life and its going pretty well but with all new starts its a little rough keeping the bills paid till the money starts coming in. So I’m asking if anyone would be willing to assist me with a simple donation to help me keep making peoples lives a little less stressed and keep the positive levels at an all time high.

If your wondering what I’m doing you can come visit me at https://www.twitch.tv/garuada I’m a streamer which means I interact with people every day. I want to be able to keep doing this dream of mine but I’m needing help.

My progress on the site has really taken off and I’ve been accepted to be paid for my services but the first pay is 2 months out and i could really us some assistance till then. Your donation will not only affect me but will also effect all those that come and watch the show everyday.

Thank you in advance and i cant wait to see you during my next show!

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