Racing To Save Lives (NASCAR Pinty’s Series) GoFundME Campaign

Racing To Save Lives
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SAM – Suicide Awareness Movement

THE GOAL: Race in the Pinty’s series Luxxur 300 July 27th 2019 At Edmonton International Raceway In Wetaskiwin – than take my story overcoming multiple suicide attempts battling my mental heath to reaching the pinnacle of Canadian Stock Car Racing across Canada In hopes of helping others have a better understanding of Mental Health.

By sharing my story my goal is to help at least just one person – and I will feel like I have survived and battled so hard for a real reason.

But I need you help to reach my goal of racing in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series.

My Story:
In June 2014 I attempted suicide that required major surgery in order to save my life. I would relapse again in June 2016, this was a common trend throughout my life. I have attempted suicide more times than I can count on my hands. Admitted as a formal mental health patient I was given the tools and took the time to understand my mental health. I was able to take control and improve in all areas of my life to turn my life around. Using #tbe Thoughts – Behaviors – Emotions I truly took control of my mental health.

What stuck with me the most while recovering was setting a goal. A real one. One that would push me in all areas of my life.
For me it was to race a stock car again (I raced from 2000 – 2006)

I want to race once in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series to show others they can overcome their mental health to reach their ultimate goals.

But I had to walk before I run! Racing IMCA Modifieds was a real challenging but at the same time an obtainable goal.
With hard work, daily dedication and practice I was able to achieve my goals mentally and physically.

I am extremely proud to say in summer 2017 I rejoined my family, passion and favorite pass-time; Stock Car Racing.

With a lot of help I was able to race in the Feature Stock division before jumping in the IMCA Modified to finish out the 2017 racing season. I have not looked back since. 2019 marks my third year racing in the IMCA Modified division in Alberta, Canada.

It is extremely humbling to say that within less than one year I went from being extremely suicidal, entertaining my vices and living a negative life to reaching my goal racing an IMCA Modified stock Car —

I have been sharing my story at various suicide awareness events, I have to finish my story, I have to reach the goal I set out to get so that I can really show others it is possible.

I have to reach my ultimate goal to ensure my story is powerful enough to help others.

I need your help to secure a ride for the Pinty’s Luxxur 300, I

One race, a one time deal – and I will take that to change the world with my story. #changethestigma #mentalhealthawareness

Racing To Save Lives began in 2017 with the full intention of reaching the peak of Canadian Stock Car Racing. NASCAR Pinty’s Series.
From absolute rock bottom to reaching my ultimate goal turning my life around – no more time to waste 2019 is the year to make it happen.

My Story Will Be Featured on CTV Jan 29th As part of Inspiring Albertan -Digital link to follow

I need your help to finish my story so I can begin really sharing how I overcame so much in hopes of helping others

My race team is SAM Motorsports | Racing To Save Lives – Proudly donates 100% of my purse money to suicide awareness fundraising

I was brought back to life in 2014 and I am now ready to really start making a real difference in the world.

I really encourage you to visit my Facebook pages as well to help better explain what I am all about.

My Company – Suicide Awareness Movement Ltd (SAM)

My Race Team – SAM Motorsports, A Division Of Suicide Awareness Movement

Also See Instagram Account

This money will be used to secure a ride for the Luxxur 300 taking place July 27th 2019 — this also includes a Damage deposit
Once Damage Deposit has been returned (less any damage I do to the vehicle) the Damage Deposit will be donated to a Mental Health Charity –

Also 100% off the purse money I personally earn from this race will also go towards suicide awareness fundraising #racingtosavelives

This is a unique opportunity to help change the stigma around mental health — this is more than just a donation for me to race a stock car

You will be directly helping the Suicide Awareness Movement
and allowing my to reach my goal so that I can share my story helping others understand and overcome mental health – hopefully preventing someone attempting suicide learning how to take control of their life.

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My Race Team – SAM Motorsports, A Division Of Suicide Awareness Movement

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