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Hello everyone I am Carrie (Townsend) Jones, the sister of Gary Daniel Townsend and I created this go fund me page due to the request and support of so many people who want to support Gary Daniel Townsend in his fight for his children. There have been many requests for this page and for that we are so grateful because we are a very private family and do not ask for help very easily.

The injustice and failure in the court system handling this case in Logan County has led him to where he is now facing a huge custody battle for a proven fit father. Awareness needs to be made in this case. It has been ongoing for over 2 years with a judge that will not make a ruling so an appeal could not be made. It all started the day the children’s mother died 2 years ago and my brother Gary Daniel Townsend who had joint custody with the mother at the time called the Maternal grandparents Dan and Joy Newton and wanted to come get his children so he could be with them and comfort them.

He was told no by the grandparents so he waited until the next day to go get his children. At that time he learned they had went and filed an emergency guardianship order for the children based on bogus and false claims that they made to get the order to stick. It took him 4 months of fighting them in court to prove that none of the false accusations were true. So these children lost their mother to Cancer and lost their father for 4 months due to the lies and false accusations of Dan and Joy Newton all within 24 hours.

The false accusations and lies of Dan and Joy Newton were made literally to steal his children and it sickens me what they have put their own grandchildren through. Being a grandparent to a child is something that is earned not given and I have seen first hand what Dan and Joy Newton have done to these children mentally and it breaks my heart.

These children have endured so much for such a young age with the loss of their mother and now they are having to endure the emergency court ordered separation from their father again for a second time due to the lies and manipulation of our law enforcement that Dan and Joy Newton put in play. These children love their father so much and they need him and he needs them. These children do not want to be with Dan and Joy Newton the maternal grandparents they want to be with their father. He needs all the support and prayers he can get. Any support you want to show him and our family is so greatly appreciated and God bless each and every one of you. Our family appreciates you more than you know.

My brother just wants his life back with his precious children that God gave him to protect and care for and he is faced with a huge battle. We pray each day for justice to be done for these children and they be returned to their father. So please pray for them in Jesus name.

Thank you all Mathew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am among them.

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