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Replace Camera Body GoFundMe by Richard Brown

Selling my camera body recently to secure an apartment for my wife and myself has placed the creative side at a holding pattern. under normal circumastances I would never let an instrument of Art in my posession go; However, I had to be head of the household and think of a place in this country in which the economy is actually decent. 

I long to take my photography to the next level and wish to continue working with other photographers in the area to produce beautiful Art, Photography, and Print in which reflects the Pacific North West in an appropriate manner. These funds will go solely to the purchase of a camera body. previously I had a Sony Body and wish to remain within Sony due to having multiple lenses and converter rings which will work with the Sony Body.

I have held-on to all my lenses and converter rings. the lenses I have will not work on Canon or Nikon. The Gratitude toward any who contribute can not be put into words If you wish to see samples of my work to understand my Art, please view Instagram:  Cup_of_joe_photography

Support my Campaign on GoFundME at https://www.gofundme.com/f/replace-camera-body


For more info: http://gf.me/u/xanx3w

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