Road to Recovery with SHOPGIRL GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

SHOPGIRL is a new clothing brand reppin who we are and how we live- expressing true boldness, being courageous, authentic & true- it’s all about staying REAL. FRESH. & FEARLESS.

SHOPGIRL supports all individuals in recovery through inspirational clothing and creative expressions whether it be: self confidence & learning to love yourself, sobriety & staying sober, becoming spiritually fit; finding faith & hope, let’s embrace it all together!

Proeeds will go toward establishing a fund to help those who cannot pay for treatment or reduce the cost to those who are struggling with their own road to recovery and back into running the company.

I have been inspired by my own recovery and want to spread the love. By helping raise money for SHOPGIRL you are helping others recover. Life is hard-so let’s live it together.

SHOPGIRL is Opening Soon!! BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN WE LAUNCH :: Enter your email at
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @SHOPGIRLSTASH

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