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My inspiration behind Second Chance Prom originally came from my close friends who never had the opportunity to attend prom night and were always regretful about it. Ive also heard other people and seen posts and videos on social media about people being completely heartbroken on not attending because no one wanted to go with them or they were bullied or their parents just couldnt afford it. This is where I thought how amazing it would be to give these individuals a second chance. To give those an experience that makes them feel loved, accepted and deserving that fills their hearts and self confidence would mean a great deal to me and more so for them.
This large sum is needed for promoting, decorations, an event hall, photography, food, beverages, a live band and a DJ. Hiring a band is would consist of more than half the budget. The expected number to attend is 250-300 people. The date of the event will be held on April 21st, 2018.

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