Shelter Structures The leading Tent Structures & Building Company on Space Solution

Shelter Structures: The leading Tent Structures & Building Company on Space Solution

Shelter Structures was founded in 2003. Since its establishment, it has been committed to providing the world’s leading outdoor space solutions. We have always adhered to innovative and practical design concepts and produced high-quality temporary and semi-permanent prefabricated tent systems, serving various outdoor festivals, commercial activities, scenic camps, sports venues, industrial warehousing, military and disaster relief and other fields.

With our 20 years of deep experience in the industry and R&D capabilities, Shelter Structures has emerged as a prominent player in the field of tent structures and building solutions. We specialize in providing space solutions and possess strong production delivery capabilities catering to all sorts of space requirements. Our diverse range of tent solutions is tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide array of scenarios, ensuring we deliver only the best.

We continue to promote the intelligent research and development and application of outdoor prefabricated spaces. The smart sun room was also born. It has revolutionized the traditional fixed sunroom model and developed it into a multi-functional product widely suitable for various scenarios such as residences, commercial activities, hotel leisure facilities, etc.

Each product we manufacture is unique, designed with a solid structural solution that considers the overall spatial solution, thereby comprehensively enhancing the user experience in different environments. Shelter Structures has three processing centers spread across 20,000 square meters worldwide, enabling us to efficiently produce and deliver our products with the utmost speed. 

We understand that every event or project holds significant importance in your scheme of things. With our lean production methods and efficient project management capabilities, Shelter Structures can effectively alleviate your concerns about project delays and the quality of delivery. Your expectations are our commitments, and we are willing to be your commercially reliable partner.

Furthermore, we have a strong financial foundation that ensures the production line has all the necessary resources to support any project. Time is of the essence to you, and Shelter Structures takes it as a priority, making on-time delivery a fundamental principle of our business transactions, one that we steadfastly uphold during our collaborative efforts.

As “Space Innovators”, we possess the expertise to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiential realms through our custom-tailored tent solutions. By seamlessly integrating innovative technology and personalized experiences into our solutions, we empower you to achieve greater success in every sphere.

As a high-end luxury brand under Shelter Structures, Glitzcamp has always adhered to the product design concept of green, ecological and environmentally friendly. It seeks to perfectly integrate architectural aesthetics with humanity and nature to help create comfortable, beautiful and distinctive outdoor luxury tents. Hotels redefine travel culture.

Shelter Structures has successively undertaken hundreds of projects in the fields of activities, exhibitions, military, and outdoor resort hotels, including the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, PGA Golf Tour, Singapore F1 events, domestic and foreign five-star hotels, smart opening and closing sunrooms, etc. The application of outdoor spaces such as commercial spaces and commercial spaces promotes the sustainable development of outdoor spaces.

About Shelter Structures:

Shelter Structures is a space solution provider and manufacturer of temporary and semi-permanent buildings, with early design planning and manufacturing capabilities. In addition to meeting the needs of large-scale commercial activities, we also provide different product series and solutions including warehousing, sports, emergency and military industries.

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