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These past 10 months since the release of our EP has been amazing! SUM has performed in New York City at incredible venues like The B.B. King Blues Club, Club Bonafide, The Brooklyn Bowl, Rockwood Music Hall, Musikfest 2017 and on NPR Radio last month.

This journey would not have been possible without the SUM crew. They have done an incredible job and we want to thank them as well.

Thank you so much for standing with us and spreading the S U M message to your friends and family! Your support has been incredible and we are looking forward to the next step in our music and message!

So now is the time for us to put our words into action and test the waters! S U M is heading back into the studio in October and we are going to record our full album called “It’s Alright to Be Me”! We are super excited to finally record the new material that you’ve been able to hear in our live shows!

What you may not known is that S U M is completely self funded. We are independent artist and we are truly living by our mantra of following our dreams! Although we are proud of being independent, this next phase will require more funds to complete it at the highest level of artistry..At This moment we are asking you to help us continue this pursuit! The financial break down is listed below as to how the funds will be allocated.

Funds allocation:

Studio recording
Video recording/editing
Post production
Marketing and post marketing

You will receive:

$25 or less: A personnal message via email
$30: Your name listed on our website as SUM friends
$50: A SUM shout out + SUM full album download link
$100: A SUM shout out + SUM full album download link + our exclusive SUM shirt
$500: credit as executive producer + SUM CD + our exclusive SUM shirt + Invitation to our recording in October

Every bit helps! No amount to is too small! We love you and remember: It’s Alright to Be You!

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