Sweden Christina Oberg Support Christina Öberg 65 Swedish Woman GoFundME Campaign

Support Christina Öberg 65 Swedish Woman GoFundME Campaign

As most people know, Swedish government has lost it totally. 65 year old Christina Öberg, a senior citizen woman, was recently sentenced to 3 months in jail for Facebook comments (!!) for having a “negative bias against people with muslim beliefs” according to the court. All she did was questioning the double standards of that easily offensive religion, and got sentenced to jail. Meanwhile there are dozens of rapists, murderers and several varieties of criminals both imported as well as ethnic swedes that gets away with anything.

This fundraiser is meant to help her out with the expenses she will have while serving her jail time such as rent and other bills that has to be taken care of.  We have shown this kind of solidarity before, let´s do it again! She really needs us now so this shows a peoples resistance against the governments insanity! All money raised will go to Christina unconditionally!

For obvious reasons, we need to be fully anonymous since Sweden is persecuting all of those having contrary beliefs to their “wonderful” country and society. They call employers, harass families including children and attacks us in several ways.

This is urgent and every single donation counts, no matter the size of it.