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T-Shirt Salad Company Trucker Hat Line Reminds America To Lighten Up

Phoenix, Arizona May 28, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – 2024 is a big election year! There’s no mystery or doubt about it. Dirt and opinions and dirt fly everywhere. With its new trucker hat line launch, the T-Shirt Salad Company, an online retailer of sarcastic and wacky tees, encourages America to persevere and maintain its optimism. 

“‘ SHINE THRU THE S###!'” The owner and creative director said. “This is not just a hat, it is a POWER STATEMENT! This is a mantra that will help us all survive.”

“The trucker hat reminds us that we are all Americans with the red, white, and blue,” they said. “Voting season comes with campaign craziness and chaos. Everyone remember to be grateful and even laugh a little. Recall the good things that unite us as a people. ‘SHINE THRU THE S###!'”

 To place an order, go to www.tshirtsalad.com and follow on Instagram (@tshirtsalad) to stay updated on the latest products.

“Sometimes a salad is NOT just a salad,” they said. “T-Shirt Salad Company likes to have fun plays on words. We’re a hodgepodge of themes and designs; hence, a salad if you will. We talk about dog poop, steak and other topics. Our shop is fully stocked with hats and t-shirts with silly puns, wit and overall sarcasm. Smile and chuckle while shopping. ‘Trips to our salad bar will be an experience you won’t forget.'”

The T-Shirt Salad Company “SHINE TRU THE S###” trucker hat comes in a patriotic (red, white, and blue). Each hat sells for $19.00 and $3.99 shipping for the first hat. 

T-Shirt Salad Company was established in 2024 and is based in Arizona.

Hashtag: #ShineThruTheS…  #TShirt Salad #2024ElectionHat

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